El Prieto Handicap 2013

20th Anniversary

The best little race in the world


If you have run in the area before you know all this, but if you are new to trail running and this is you first time running in the Arroyo Seco Canyon in Angeles Crest National Forest there are some things you should be aware of before signing up.


The El Prieto Trail has an abundance of poison oak. If you are sensitive to poison oak or paranoid about getting poison oak, I'd suggest running in tights and a long sleeved shirt. Beyond the poison oak there are a number of characteristics about running on a trail in a forest that you should at least be aware of. About half the course is on single-track trail (one person at a time). The other half is on fire roads. There are numerous animals (besides the mountain bike riders) out there. I have run across two rattlers over the years and a few other snakes. Other folks have seen a mama bear and her two cubs, and mountain lions also have been spotted on rare occasions. Other "wild" animals you can expect to see are birds, squirrels, and other little critters. Oh, and don't forget about the off-leash dogs.


Getting lost: I try to mark the trail well before the race, but a few people have gotten lost over the years. The good news is we found them all. We have a rule that we don't leave until everyone is accounted for!


If this is your kind of running then this is your kind of race. But if your idea of the great outdoors is pretty much your own backyard, then this is a morning to stay in bed.


Water stops: There are no water stops on the course. For pete's sake, it's only a 4.2 mile course! There will be water and Gatorade at the start and finish. If you feel you will need water during the race please supply your own water bottle.


Parking - Hahamonga Watershed Park: Lots of free parking. Should not be a problem.


Parking - Milard Camp Ground: To park at the Millard Camp Ground you will need an Adventure Pass. For directions to Millard please email me at racedirector@elprieto.org and I will get back to you.


If you need to get an Adventure Pass (it's free to drive up there you just can't park without the pass).


National Forest Adventure Pass

Passes cost $5.00 per day or $30.00 for annual